4 Things to Consider BEFORE Getting Custom Fit For Golf Equipment

4 Things to Consider BEFORE Getting Custom Fit For Golf Equipment

1. What type of fitting am I looking for?


It’s important to know what type of golfer you are and what is important to you and your game.  If you are the type of golfer that plays a few times a week, happy with your current game, are serious about playing golf but don’t have time to practice and would love to see if custom golf equipment can help you improve, you need what I call a corrective club fitting.

“Fit me for what I’ve got, I’m not trying to set any records, I enjoy the game and want clubs made to fit the current state of my game” and perhaps….improve it through the use of proper fitted clubs and new technology.

If you’re the type of golfer that plays as much as you can, but really enjoys practicing, taking lessons and trying to take your game to the next level by the use of proper instruction, fitness and custom equipment, you need what I call a developmental club fitting.  In this fitting, I would take into consideration any swing changes you are trying to make, understand the reason you are trying to make them and set you up with a fitted set of clubs that will aid you in making these changes faster.  Golf equipment will force you to make adjustments in your technique by forcing you to alter your current golf swing in order to achieve a desired goal.  This can be a really good situation or a really bad one.  It’s important to be fit by someone that understands golf instruction, is open minded about your attempted changes and knows how to alter golf equipment correctly in order to help you achieve your goals in ball flight, technique and lowered scores!

2.   What are my goals? 


Some golfers just want to know if there’s something better out there and some have very specific tendencies they’d like to improve.  Custom fitted golf equipment can help you achieve any type of desired results through the use of specific head/shaft combinations, club building techniques, like changing the center of gravity of a driver or wood and/or grinding the sole of a wedge to make the club react with the turf properly.  Know what you’re trying to achieve before you make an appointment for a custom fitted set of clubs. 

3. What does my coach want me to improve in my technique? 

This will certainly be for the golfer that wants the developmental fitting as discussed earlier.  I always welcome the swing instructor of my students to come in during the fitting to make sure we are working in the same direction.

This doesn’t happen often as the day of a golf professional or a teaching pro is often very busy and a proper fitting process will take a couple hours.  Also, be sure to go to a club fitted that understands the golf swing.  There are so many different techniques that people subscribe to (stack and tilt, one plane, two plane, single post, etc) and each will require different golf club combinations in order to maximize their potential.  There is no right or wrong swing method to subscribe to, but it’s important for you to understand what you’re working on in order to be properly fit.  If nothing else, have your fitter speak with your instructor; after all, the common goal is to help you improve your golf game!

4. Don’t be locked in to a particular brand, remain open minded!

Everyone says, “the shaft is the engine of the club;” it’s true, the shaft is very important, but the difference between two club heads is astounding.  Some drivers launch much higher than others and some cause the ball to spin way lower than a similar driver from another manufacturer.  Some fairway woods are awesome for highball hitters and some are great for helping golfers launch it higher, making it easier to hit off the ground.  Some manufacturers make club heads in different weights, making it possible to build the club to different lengths and maintain the balance point and others don’t.  A good club fitter will have an array of club offerings with all different types of shafts to test.  Don’t get caught up in what your favorite player on tour is using; find what combinations work best for you and make sure you understand why.