UST Mamiya ATTAS Coool

UST Mamiya ATTAS Coool

Available NOW from @ustmamiyagolf and @loftgolfpl, the ATTAS Coool is, by design, meant for those looking for a stable but smoooth shaft with mid-high launch and low-mid spin. ⠀

Bryan, one of our fitters at PGA National Resort & Spa, is a higher spin player and currently gaming the Coool 8X in his Cobra F7+, says “It’s almost as if you can feel the ball compressing at impact and flying off the face at a high speed.  You can feel the materials used to make the Coool are of the highest material and it shows with it’s consistency swing after swing.”⠀

One thing you have to realize is that everyone swings differently. We load the shaft differently. We release it differently. Because of that, just because a company says it’s “low spin, low launch” or vice versa, doesn’t mean that’s how it’s going to work for you.  That’s why it’s important to get FIT.  ⠀

True for most offerings but highlighted in the ATTAS Coool line, the heavier you go in weight the firmer the profile becomes. The firmer the profile, the more stability you add. Maybe that goes without saying but it’s important to know when you’re talking about a weight range from 52g all the way up to 85g. ⠀

The ATTAS Coool looks Coool, it feels Coool, and it performs Coool. (Insert SNOWFLAKE emoji HERE.)

Feel free to learn more about the ATTAS Coool and other offerings from UST Mamiya HERE.  Call us at 561.277.9294 and set up your fitting with one of our specialists!